It had to happen

Friday night - all packed and ready to roll

Friday night – all packed and ready to roll

We are stuck in Lisbon – not a bad place be to be stuck but we should be on our way back to Denia in Spain.

We were all set to leave on Saturday morning – car all packed etc. and it wouldn’t start. At first we thought just a flat battery but several attempts with jump leads and various batteries still wouldn’t turn over the engine.



IMG_001420140330-220549.jpgThe car is now with the local Volvo dealership courtesy of Volvo Assistance and we have to wait until Monday morning when the service department opens.



IMG_0019We have a BMW hire car and are staying at the villa until we can get a diagnosis. Our return to Spain and my trip to the UK is now up in the air.

And of course it’s now raining!

Happy Mother’s Day