The Millau Bridge

We were fourth time lucky at the Millau Bridge – on our journey home from David and Blandine’s, the weather was fantastic and we were at Millau in bright sunshine and blue skies.  Previous crossings had been in the dark or with wet, cloudy, breezy weather.

The Millau Viaduct is the tallest bridge in the world, opened in 2004 and designed by British architect Norman Foster and French engineer Michel Virlogeux.  It crosses the Tarn river valley.

In fact, the whole 5 hour journey home from Cour Les Barres was enjoyable.  The first part was through pretty countryside and villages – oddly, it reminded us a bit of South Warwickshire and The Cotswolds.  We joined the A75 at junction 11 and even the motorway drive was scenic!  It hadn’t looked that way on the previous Friday when we drove up – so what a difference a blue sky makes.

We stopped at Millau for a late lunch and walked up to the viewing area to take photos.  It was only about an hour home then – a nice ending to the weekend.