New Year

IMG_0735The week between Xmas and New Year seemed to whizz by – Derek and Danny did lots of bike rides in the mornings, we generally ate a big lunch and then walked it off in the afternoons.  The weather is cold, bright and sunny with a sometimes very chilly wind blowing though we’ve had lunch on the sheltered patio most days.  Danny has been working on his laptop, organizing the Always Riding sale while Derek has chopped firewood and I’ve made vats of soup, ratatouille, pates and quiches.  On Tuesday we popped to Intermarche for a few groceries and found the entire town’s population out buying food for New Year so we sort of joined in, realising that we ought to stock up for a one day public holiday!

calOur new year activities are pretty similar to our old year activities – cycling, walking, trips to boulangeries and supermarkets, eating, wandering around Pezenas, coffees and beers in Cafe des Arts, jigsaws, cooking etc.  Danny and Derek saw out 2014 with a big ride of 60 miles which took Derek to a total of 440 miles for the month of December  – a fine achievement which compensates for over indulgence in Picpoul de Pinet, festive champagne, cheese and pastries.

Britt flew in to Montpellier on Jan 1st and the young people are brightening up our lives in all sorts of ways, including introducing us to the After Eight challenge of getting a mint from forehead to mouth.  Derek got rather warm and over excited, resulting in mint meltdown around the nose.

We are awaiting delivery of Britt’s rental bike this afternoon and then the Lycra clad three will be off into the hills, leaving me in peace for a few hours with just the catering to organise.  Tomorrow is a busy day – Pezenas market in the morning and rugby in the afternoon – Montpellier v Toulon.

This is the last month of our stay in the south of France and the end of our 15 month road trip approaches.  We’re heading for London in Feb but who knows what’s next??