Operation Channel Tunnel

The German hire car had to be returned to Lille Europe. So we had a simple plan in place to achieve this.

Once at Travelodge I picked up a rental van and we transferred all our luggage leaving the hire car empty. We then set off for Regents Park Open Air Theatre to see Hobson’s Choice. The play was good though the highlight of the evening were the burgers. After days of hotel food and ham & cheese baguettes, the Regents Park cheeseburger was awesome.

After the performance we headed back to Waterloo with Danny & Britt and then split up – us to Kew, them to Wimbledon. Back at Travelodge we prepared for the next step. A few hours sleep, up at 4.00 and drive the hire car back to Lille via the tunnel. The 6.50 crossing was on time and despite yet more rain all went smoothly. I was in Lille by 10.00. Things started to go a bit astray when I discovered the rental return was nowhere to be found. I eventually discovered it 3 levels down in a multi-storey car park. GITS!!

Eurostar was just upstairs however and I was booked on the 11.36 to St Pancras. All on time and I was on my way back to London, scheduled to arrive at 11.57.

We had arranged lunch with our Australian friends – The Tyms at 12.30.

I am actually writing this in the tunnel so if lunch goes according to plan it will have been a successful mission. The fun doesn’t stop however. We are at the Hampton Court Flower Show afternoon session (3pm – 7pm). I have a feeling a few beers will pass my lips this afternoon.