Taking care of business

Last week was Derek’s trip back to the UK to see clients – a hectic four days of train journeys, motorway driving, meetings and appointments.  Booking the tickets online back in November was the easy part – TGV and Eurostar from Montpellier to Lille to Saint Pancras – as always with travel, it’s the documentation and the transfers which can be tricky.  Lots of hassle with picking up the tickets – SNCF’s computer ‘said no’ to our credit card and duplicates had to be bought/issued.  Transfers went ok: Pezenas to St Jean de Vedas by car, tram to Montpellier, TGV to Lille, Eurostar to St Pancras, walk to Euston, tube to Waterloo, train to Wimbledon, walk to Danny’s.  A long day’s travelling but all ok.

Enjoyed driving Danny and Britt’s Volvo, the business meetings all went well, managed a quick whizz around Waitrose (teabags, muesli, curry paste), picked up forgotten bike tyres from Wedge Meadow and relaxed a bit during evening meals with Danny & Britt in Wimbledon and Peter & Ruth in Stratford.  Stayed at Ambleside in Stratford on Wednesday night – such a nice b&b. Travelled home on Friday after having breakfast at Bill’s with Danny and Britt – back to Pezenas at 10.30 pm.

By contrast, Barb’s four days were very slow paced.  Under rather grey skies – a few chores, a bit of shopping and cooking, reading and a few DVDs.

It’s Saturday – a stroll down to the market in Pezenas and a cup of coffee in Cafe des Arts – we’re ‘back to normal’!