A quiet weekend

IMG_0620 IMG_0621A really nice quiet weekend – a bit of supermarket shopping, a bike ride for Derek but mostly watching The Winter Olympics and The Six Nations on the telly.  Good results for England in the rugby and for Spurs at Everton plus we’re really enjoying the events at Sochi – a whole new world of snowboarding and skiing and such good coverage from the BBC.

IMG_0038The log burner is alight in the lounge, we’re having swordfish for supper for the second time this week (€4 for two big slices) and while Derek finishes watching Italy v France, I’ve had a stroll round the garden taking some more photos.  Even though there aren’t many flowers at this time of year, what I think are called the ‘structural’ plants are fantastic – all drought resistant types.  Julian the gardener came round yesterday and showed us how to top up the pool – the evaporation rate is high even in winter especially if it’s windy.