Coulon en Marais Poitevin

IMG_0319Thursday morning we set off in the sunshine for Coulon, an easy 40 minute drive.  The guide book said Coulon was officially  categorised as one of the most beautiful villages in France – centre of ‘La Venise Verte’ or ‘Green Venice’.  An area the size of The Isle of Wight, the Marais Poitevin was originally marshland, drained and now criss-crossed with canals which get covered with duckweed in the summer and turn bright green.

Coulon was lovely, even in November with all the tourist facilities, restaurants and cafes closed.  The village has lovely old streets with photogenic houses and along the canal, it’s really chocolate box pretty.  We had a walk, sandwich lunch and then a cycle along the canal path.  By the end of the bike ride, we both had cold hands and feet but the sunshine and blue sky were fab.  We’d like to come back in the summer to see the place in full swing.