Sunshine, showers and a wet bank holiday

Today, Tuesday, is a bit of a recovery day. The bank holiday weekend was mostly fine weather and we had some good walks with the dogs. Jess is increasing her range and today we nearly got to the Suffolk Way before Barb took her back. Yesterday poured with rain all day – really heavy at times so the fields are now VERY wet. Hunter didn’t seem to mind that at all and decided to roll around in the mud as much as he could – fortunately he is quite happy to be hosed off when we get back and then towelled off. In fact I think he does it just for the cleaning up at the end of the walk!! Riley is very laid back and seems to get back just as clean as he started.

Our friends, Julia and Martyn were going to call in on their way back from Tunbridge Wells but holiday traffic was so bad they had to resort to plan B. John and Ann however, made it across from Leicester yesterday although the planned bike ride had to be abandoned.

We spent the day catching up, drinking tea and eating far too much. We also planned some future trips, monitored the Vuelta and ordered stuff online. Most orders could be picked up today in either Waitrose, M&S or Boots. Click and Collect is just so easy.

Danny and Britt spent the weekend in Cardiff and enjoyed a couple of days trekking, cycling and catching up with friends before the rain set in – it took them 4 hours to get home last night. John and Ann also had a very wet drive creating bow waves as they hit deep hidden puddles on the A14 at 60mph.

So, today, has been – collect online orders in Bury, walk the dogs (twice), clean the dogs (twice), clean out the chickens, clean up all the muddy boots and shoes, email out the newsletter and progress the  JT website.

Barb also took a few pics over the weekend – see below:

IMG_0132 IMG_0133 IMG_0134 IMG_0135 IMG_0136