Trouble in Paradise

Just in case our blogs with their constant theme of sunshine and cheap wine are getting on your nerves, I thought I’d share a few plumbing and electrical problems with you.

First – we are under strict instructions not to put any toilet paper down the loo – it has to go in a little bin!  I’m coping fairly well with this although it does require a degree of alertness in the bathroom that I can’t always muster.

Second – Spanish electricity!  On our first night here we managed to trip the household fuse several times as we merrily activated heaters, dishwasher, kettle etc.  A flick of the fuse switches in the cupboard seemed to restore power – last night however we blew the main fuse and lost all power.  Spanish electricity is limited and you can only use so much before the system says no.  So . . . we spent yesterday evening wrapped in blankets reading by candlelight and went to bed rather fed up.   Our friendly landlord appeared this morning with an electrician and all is fixed – we had a chat about the problems of overloading the system and he brought a gas heater for emergencies.

Back to paradise – Derek has gone out for a bike ride and I’m writing this sitting outside in the sunshine (true) –  I’m drinking a glass of cheap wine too (not really – it’s just a cup of tea!).

Had a wander round the garden taking a few photos which are in the gallery below.