Packing up

Les Trois Oliviers in Castelnau de Guers has been our home since late September but it’s now time to pack our bags and boxes ready for the drive back up through France to Eurotunnel and on to London for the start of February. Oh, we will miss the French food, wine, cafés and markets but most of all the blue skies, the dry air and the lovely light! Derek will really miss cycling on quiet roads with lovely scenery too!

We are packing up slowly, sorting out new address admin and keeping an eye on weather forecasts for driving north on Friday. It’s very windy here at the moment but of more concern is possible bad weather around the Millau bridge next week – we’ll see. We’ve got overnight stops planned in Nevers with David and Blandine and at the Ibis Hotel at Honfleur.

So, this is the last week of our road trip – the European adventure which, as well as long stays in France, has taken us to Spain, Portugal, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium. Too many highlights and too many contrasts to pick out favourite places – we’ve loved it all really. Next stop – London. After that, who knows!