Quinta Bella Vista

IMG_0760Derek has picked another great villa, possibly the best yet – it’s in a lovely position, it’s big, light and airy and has good wifi.  We had a stroll about this morning and the paths nearby will make a good fitness walking route.  The walk down to the little town of Guia only takes about 10 minutes (though it’s uphill on the way back, of course) and it seems like a friendly place well used to British visitors.  We had a coffee in the local football cafe and then drove to the big shopping centre to do a supermarket shop.  When we saw the size of the place, we thought we’d have some lunch first in the food court – lots of choice for both food and general shops.  We’ve not really looked at any shops since we left the UK so it was quite a novelty.  The big ‘settling in’ supermarket shop done, we headed back to unpack properly, sort out the bikes, fill the fridge with food and catch up with phone calls and blogs.

The weather so far is mild but there’s a cool wind blowing at the moment.  The villa has a lovely conservatory which really gets the sun so we had tea in there and are now beginning to relax and look forward to our two weeks here.