A Few Quiet Days

We’re having a few quiet days catching up with ourselves at the moment. The weather remains bright and sunny but is chilly first thing in the morning and we’ve started lighting a fire in the evenings. We went to Bricomarche yesterday to buy kindling and firelighters and Derek also bought a giant axe for log splitting and because it looked appealingly macho.

I walked into the village to get my hair cut at the local salon. The stylist was lovely and I had a good 30 mins French conversation practice while she snipped away. This was my most expensive trim at 29 euros but that did include wash and blow dry and the offer to trim my fringe if it needed it later.


Still in shorts!

This morning we cycled into Pezenas and did the St Simeon walk including the steep slope which leads past the home of ‘Hector’ the vicious guard dog which had accosted me a few weeks ago when the gate was open. Today the owner was outside so we stopped for a chat and it transpires that ‘Hector’ is in fact a three year old sweetie pie called ‘Delta’ who liked it when I tickled her under the chin. Her owner told us that Delta likes to snuggle up with the eight cats on the property and rounds them up like ‘un berger avec les moutons’ (a shepherd with sheep)!


Last of the afternoon sun

We’ve been catching up with some website work (sometimes on the iPad by the pool) and have even started to prepare our Christmas newsletter. We sponsor the Shakespeare Birthplace Xmas Lightshow by providing a free website and today received an email invitation to the opening next week plus a bit of a party with the celebrity guest, Christopher Biggins.
What a shame we can’t make it!!